• Gabriel Catalin MARINESCU University of Craiova
  • Ludmila SASS University of Craiova
  • Anca DIDU University of Craiova
Keywords: design, geometry, knuckle, CAD, manufacturing


The paper presents the 3D virtual modelling process of a vehicle suspension part using CAD software. The knuckle is the subject of this design due to its geometric complexity. It is part of the rear double wishbone suspension of a rear wheel drive vehicle. There are presented the main steps for the design of the knuckle including the specific features for each operation. The further purpose of this design is the reverse engineering and manufacturing by using 3D printing technology.

Author Biographies

Gabriel Catalin MARINESCU, University of Craiova

University of Craiova, Faculty of Mechanics

Ludmila SASS, University of Craiova

University of Craiova, Faculty of Mechanics

Anca DIDU, University of Craiova

University of Craiova, Faculty of Mechanics


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MARINESCU, G. C., SASS, L., & DIDU, A. (2019). 3D MODELING METHOD USED FOR THE DESIGN OF A VEHICLE KNUCKLE. Journal of Industrial Design and Engineering Graphics, 14(1), 133-136. Retrieved from http://www.sorging.ro/jideg/index.php/jid/article/view/443