• Fanel Scheaua Dunarea de Jos University of Galati


variable throttle device, flow rate control, fluid flow analysis, hydraulic drive, 3D modeling


The hydraulic drive systems are currently used on most construction and agricultural machines, but also for stationary industrial hydraulic applications. This actuation uses the method of energy transmission through the working fluid which is a mineral oil in order to achieve the equipment working tool actuation. In the composition of a hydraulic circuit in addition to primary elements represented by pump, motor or distributor enters other components that ensure the modification of fluid flow rate or pressure values at a certain time. The fluid flow rate control within the hydraulic circuit can be achieved through the adjustable throttle devices. In this paper it is described the construction and working process of an adjustable throttle device. To highlight the fluid dynamics inside the adjustable throttle model a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was performed using ANSYS CFX software. A fluid region was defined inside the device body while the spherical type closure element is modifying the circulated fluid flow rate.


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